Volumetric Mixers

We Offer Volumetric Mixer Systems For Rent & For Sale

At ABC Concrete, we not only use the computerized volumetric mixer system to pour our own concrete products, we also rent and sell these top-notch concrete trucks.

We believe in their quality and are happy to answer any questions you might have in regards to their use. You are also welcome to set up a time to visit our facility and see one of our Volumetric Mixers in use in our yard.

Outstanding Mix Quality

Experts agree that the fresher the concrete is when applied, the stronger it will be, increasing the total quality. With a volumetric mixer, the concrete is made “on demand” or when needed, ensuring the freshest concrete possible.

Volumetric Mixers are very flexible and can produce a 0-10″ slump from the same load giving quality concrete on site to match a wide range of specifications. Mix Designs can be changed quickly to accommodate, in a manner of seconds, any mix requirement.

Lower Equipment & Initial Investment

An investment in a Volumetric Mixer will normally be less than the investment in traditional methods employing a central batch plant with supporting drum mixers. The return on investment when compared to cost and production will strongly favor a Volumetric Mixer.


A Volumetric Mixer can be used as:

  • A stationary unit with a local power source (diesel, electric)
  • A mobile unit serving as an “on site batch plant”
  • A production on-site solution. Time and distance limitations that may apply to traditional methods do not apply. Concern of “hot loads” and water tempering are not applicable to the Volumetric Mixer.

Simplicity of Operation

  • Volumetric Mixers are simple to operate and easy to train operators.
  • Full view of the control station and the flow of contents during the mixing process.
  • Easily adjust water and admix flow as needed.
    As long as the aggregate, sand, and cement bins are supplied, the Volumetric Mixer can produce concrete continuously at a normal rate of 60-yards per hour (this may be increased as required).


Our Volumetric Mixers have on-board computer systems to accurately meter your sand, gravel, water and any up to three additional mixes.

Where required, an electronic PLC monitoring system can be included to provide accurate details of the mix, similar to that offered by central batch plants. Every load can be monitored by time and date.


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